Monday, December 19, 2011

New Inspiration Boards

We want Well Registered to make it easy for you to create your wedding registry.  For that reason, we make sure all the products featured on our inspiration boards are in stock and available for your guests to purchase.  This means our inspiration boards are constantly changing and evolving as products come and go.  Today we're featuring some of our new boards that have replaced some of our old ones. 

We love the placemats seen in this inspiration board from Crate and Barrel.  They are graphic and neutral.

The bedding in this inspiration board from Kohl's is gorgeous.  We love the neutral colors, and also the fact that it comes in a 20-piece set that includes two sets of sheets.

We like this new shower curtain from Kohl's in this inspiration board.  It is modern and will please both ladies and men.

Williams-Sonoma has some great table linens, and we especially love this table runner featuring a soft pattern. 

Make sure to check out the rest of our up-to-date inspiration boards for your wedding registry at Well Registered!  Which is your favorite?